Cleaning skills of floor hanger

Update:24 Oct 2017

   First, try to avoid wearing to the coat of the cloth […]

   First, try to avoid wearing to the coat of the clothes rack. The coat of the clothes hanger is generally soft, and it is easy to be worn, and when it is worn, it will affect the luster and beauty of the hanger, and also easy to rust. And if it is worn and even rusty, if it continues to be used to dry clothes, it is easy to make the clothes on the rust also stained clothes, damage clothes.
   Second, to avoid landing racks to withstand heavier clothing. When hangers withstand heavier clothing, it is likely to deform or break. Hanger itself is not high capacity, can only withstand the weight of general clothing, if it is too heavy, so that it can not support, it is easy to cause damage to hangers, it can not continue to use. And if it is damaged when hanging clothes, it is easy to scrape clothes, damage clothes, so the consequences are even more serious.
   Third, try to avoid hangers and moisture contact. As the hanger itself meets water, it is easy to be corroded and softened, and it is easy to remain pathogenic bacteria, so for your health, we should try to avoid clothes hanger and water contact. The normal use of the clothes hangers, also try to dry the water, in addition to the corrosion of hanger itself, if too much water, clothes are too heavy, can easily lead to the deformation and fracture of hanger.