Clothes drying skills

Update:21 Nov 2017

1, skirt drying method: skirts, women's suits are very […]

1, skirt drying method: skirts, women's suits are very particular about the shape, if hung in a special clothes rack to dry, the most suitable. If this special racks can not be purchased, buy some round, square hangers can be. When dry, along the waist circumference part of the circle, respectively, with the clip grip, so after drying very stiff.
2, chemical fiber clothes drying method: Chemical fiber clothes washing can be hung directly on the hanger, let it dry naturally dehydrated. In this way, it is neither wrinkled nor clean.
3, sweater drying method: Sweater after washing dehydration, can be placed on the net or curtain flat shape, to be a little dry, then hanging on the hanger on the election of a ventilation cool shade dry; In addition, the fine wool drying before Coat a layer of towel or bath on the hanger to prevent distortion.
4, drying clothes to avoid direct sunlight: Will clothes, clothes can wear long. In particular, many clothes, such as wool, silk, nylon and the like, tend to turn yellow when exposed to direct sunlight. Therefore, these clothes should be dried in the shade. Any white wool fabric, the most suitable to dry. General drying clothes ventilation shade better than the sun at all.
5, clothes wrinkle-free method: clothes in the washing machine off the water, should immediately remove the sun, because the clothes placed in the dryer for too long, easy to fade and wrinkle. Second, the clothes removed from the dehydrator, immediately to shake a few times to prevent wrinkling. In addition, shirts, blouses, sheets and other dry, stretching the pat, but also helps prevent wrinkles.