Clothes rack knowledge Encyclopedia

Update:02 Jan 2018

The classification of clothes hangers can be divided ac […]

The classification of clothes hangers can be divided according to raw materials and uses.
According to material hangers, they can be divided into: metal coat hangers (aluminum hangers, iron hangers, alloy hangers, etc.), wooden hangers, plastic hangers, flocking hangers, and cloth hangers.
Clothes rack can be divided into male and female suit suit hangers, female fashion clothes hangers, men's casual clothes hangers, underwear hangers, T-shirts and shirt hangers, children's clothes hangers, hotel hangers and so on.
Clothes rack is common in today's daily life, clothes rack is used to put on the rack of clothes. "Luban through the mirror" with a plain clothes hanger and flower hanger two kinds, the outside is relatively rare. The clothes rack was different from the present clothes hanger. Most of the modern clothes hanger hook type or branches, clothing with collar hanging on the hook. The hanger, including the Qing Dynasty clothes hanger, by rail, with the column on both sides, on the wooden pier bearing base, a transverse or transverse column two, column top beam, both ends of long column, the end of carved dragon phoenix pattern or Ganoderma or cloud like. An on bar under the brand, engraved decoration, mainly from the role of firm. Take the clothes off after the bar above.
The hanger is a furniture earlier in China, the Zhou Dynasty began to implement the system, the nobility attaches great importance to the clothes, in order to adapt to this need, the early stage specially used for hanging clothes rack. Each dynasty has different forms of clothes and different names. The spring and Autumn period, cross bar for hanging clothes, "also called" Mushi truss ".