Features and functions of plastic hangers

Update:29 Jun 2018

First: Pylon Key: Although the above view may represent […]

First: Pylon Key:
Although the above view may represent the overall design of the system, the rack is only relevant to the following specific aspects: The structure of the model, ie the organizational model, such as layering.

Second: Pylon Mode:
Pylon mode is a ready-made form to solve the problem of recurring racks. A rack frame or pylon infrastructure is a set of components on which a rack can be built. Many major racking difficulties should be addressed in the framework or infrastructure, and are usually targeted at specific areas: command and control, MIS, control systems, and so on.

Third: Multi-functional rack:
It is composed of a cross bar and two bases. The cross bar is a hollow pipe body. The hollow pipe body is formed by the bottom slot and the two left and right baffles, and the bottom slot cover is placed on the two bases. Between the two left and right baffles are respectively hinged on the left and right two bases, and the insides of the two baffles are respectively provided with at least one mutually corresponding slide rail, and a shelf is arranged between two mutually corresponding slide rails. Rod.

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