Hanger manufacturers hanger production process

Update:08 Jun 2018

1. The wood is dried, and natural drying is the best (b […]

1. The wood is dried, and natural drying is the best (but due to different climates, it is recommended to use relatively stable wood, such as beech wood, rubber wood, ash, etc., when purchasing, otherwise cracking will occur.)

2. Custom molds, open materials, spliced hangers, machine out of shape, polished, multiple spray paint, paint dry, and finally packaging.

3. The production of hangers After the procedures of blanking, grinding and polishing, and ash filling, the wooden hangers are basically formed. At this time, we need to paint the hangers with different technologies, and finally paint the hangers with a paint or varnish. The effect comes out, this is two sides one side.

4. The multi-bottom multi-face painting treatment for hangers is carried out multiple times for the primer, which is used for the production of hangers for special processes. Primer The first step in painting a coat hanger is to increase the viscosity, degree of alkali resistance and corrosion resistance of the top coat. It also ensures good absorption of the top coat.

After the above 4 steps, the hangers came out, which is the production process of the plastic hanger manufacturers.