Hanger manufacturers make it easy and convenient to dry clothes!

Update:21 Jun 2018

Drying clothes hanger manufacturers drying clothes is a […]

Drying clothes hanger manufacturers drying clothes is a common household chores in our lives, in the premise of continuous improvement in living standards, people have a lot of requirements for drying clothes, the emergence of floor drying racks wholesale, it is to let clothes dry becomes simple and convenient .

The floor drying rack is a drying rack placed directly on the ground. After the expansion, it is like a butterfly flapping wings. Dozens of bars on both wings are specially prepared for drying clothes. There is plenty of space for clothes to meet the needs of the more populous families, and floor drying racks are provided. The cross bar on the wholesale can be used to dry clothes on the top of the bar, and fast drying is a significant advantage. The X-shaped exterior design is structurally stable and does not appear to be dumped due to uneven weight of the two wings, nor does the problem of drying racks collapse.
The floor drying rack does not need to install a drying rack on the wall to maximize the protection of the building's beauty and integrity, and the unused drying rack can be folded and placed without occupying the indoor space, which is very convenient to use. With floor-to-floor drying racks, your usual laundry will be very simple and convenient.