How to use hangers

Update:29 Jan 2018

In daily life, the hanger is an essential part of our d […]

In daily life, the hanger is an essential part of our daily life, whether it is drying clothes or placing clothes in a closet. The hanger is a very good accessory. At the same time in order to prevent iron racks in the storage process of rust, usually in the plastic hanger surface, while the dip hanger maintenance and use of the service life of the hanger is very important, the following hanger dip equipment manufacturers to tell you about Immersed hanger points of use.
Immersion hanger production is the metal wire hangers processed into the substrate, and then the outer layer of cloth coating simple process products, as long as the attention to use in everyday life on it. Starting from the properties of the wire inside, different dip racks because of the different load-bearing capacity, it is suitable for drying different clothes. For some thin wire plastic racks, suitable for small clothes drying clothes, and the kind of look very thick touch dip racks, because the texture is relatively heavy, load-bearing capacity is also high, so in the drying coat and so heavier Clothes do not have to worry about deformation, paint off and so on.
In addition, in the storage of indwelling dip hanger should pay attention to cool place to dry, do not put on the outside every day exposure, prevention peeling, paint and other phenomena exist.
In everyday life, pay attention to the details of the use of some products will have a lot of unexpected results, dip hanger use and maintenance as well, starting from some small details will be harvested.
Hanger dip equipment manufacturers to help you introduce what you need to pay attention to in everyday use.
1, do not fold the plastic racks, because then the racks will be folded and will be very easy to break off.
2, drying racks do not get high temperature or fire to roast.
3, Do not hang the dip hanger for a long time outdoors exposed to direct sunlight, in order to avoid aging affect the service life of the drying racks.
4, after the clothes must be washed so that the detergent on the clothes full volatilization of clean, so as not to corrode plastic hangers.