It's very improtant to choose Children's Hangers

Update:20 Mar 2018

Children may not be fussy about garment care or closet […]

Children may not be fussy about garment care or closet organization at all but there is a reason why Shanghai Jiaxu Plastic Co.,LTD has put out a line of children's hangers.

Children's hangers should also be able to serve the function of many regular hangers. The difference is that these hangers are smaller in size. For instance, acrylic or plastic hangers are great for lightweight shirts and blouses. Flat-notched wooden garment hangers, on the other hand, are better for preserving the lines of heavier clothing like woolen sweaters. Some hangers are coated with linen or some kind of fabric, not just to prevent scratching or scraping young kids, but also to protect delicate garments.

Just like any product tailored for kids, safety standards are closely regulated. In addition, children's clothing is obviously smaller and forcing their clothing onto regular hangers can cause undue stretching or strain which could lead to damage.
It is important to have a different set of hangers for children especially if the kids have learned to handle clothing by themselves. There are many stores out there who have already dedicated an entire category to different kinds of children's hangers.