Plastic hanger manufacturing standards

Update:19 Dec 2017

1, According to the material is divided into composite […]

1, According to the material is divided into composite pipe, stainless steel, aluminum alloy three categories, stainless steel and composite pipe is basically the same grade, slightly higher price of aluminum, stainless steel lighter, load-bearing capacity of composite pipe is not good, but not easy Health embroidery, stainless steel is divided into several 200,201,300,301,304, etc., the market is generally 301 material, 304 the best, followed by 301. Aluminum is better. One composite pipe for the iron pipe, stainless steel plated outside, heavier, but a long time easier to rust.
2, Of course, the tube thickness is also a reference standard, stainless steel rod dry 0,33,0,35,0,38,0,40,0,44 thick, of course, the thicker the better, there are 0,8 aluminum alloy And 1,0 the thickness of the different shapes are not the same price is not the same, are generally double pole, square hole, oval, fan-shaped, etc., generally heavier the higher the price.
3, The more important is the quality of the hand crank, automatic racks will not be out of place elsewhere problems, hand crank is the most problematic, you can buy when you try the first touch. Material is generally copper / zinc alloy, not card, the handle is also solid, otherwise easy to break.
4, The product surface technology is also different, the top material is generally; aluminum / zinc alloy, but also a diameter of 100mm zinc alloy cut corners made of 90-95mm, the surface is chrome-plated, very beautiful, but a long time will fade , Chrome and then drawing, leaving a protective layer on the surface, it will not fade, the price is higher. The surface of the aluminum rod also has a different process, the general air-drying rod is the surface of the oxidation process, a slight deviation of the color of different prices, a long time will fade, dirty surface is not easy to clean, but the price is cheap, but also There is a surface is doing electrophoresis process, the reflective is better, the surface is smooth, the grade is also higher, will not fade, dirty and easy to clean, but the price is more expensive.