Plastic hangers and the scope of use

Update:08 May 2018

In everyday life, we usually use plastic hanger when dr […]

In everyday life, we usually use plastic hanger when drying or placing clothes. Plastic hangers are the daily necessities that we often use. Each family has plastic hangers. Of course, plastic hangers use plastics that are not soft and easy to break but special hard plastic materials to ensure that they are in good condition under load and will not cause damage. fracture.

The shape of plastic hangers is mainly divided into two types, one is a relatively short and wide frame body, and the two shoulder frames have a larger slope and a wider width, and the shape is thick and thick, and is suitable for heavy thickening and plate type orthodox Western special class. Clothing. In addition to this, the second type of hanger head is also usually used metal materials, rather than the first type of hanger body used plastic material.

The other is just the opposite of the former. It has a flat and long frame, and a relatively narrow cross-section of the shoulder, and the slope of the shoulder is small. The shape is light and thin, and it is suitable for drying light clothing.

Therefore, the selection of the shape and material of the plastic hanger is closely related to the object to which it is applied. In the use of plastic hangers, care is also taken to select a suitable plastic hanger according to the clothes to be dried.