Plastic hangers to prevent breakage need to pay attention to what issues

Update:31 May 2018

Plastic hangers are one of the common home users in dai […]

Plastic hangers are one of the common home users in daily life. In the closet, hangers are needed to hang the clothes to prevent mildew from happening. The closet space is well organized and no longer crowded. However, the change of clothes is earth-shaking, different materials. The use has become a reality, the clothing becomes better, but the weight is also increased, will cause breakage when using a hanger, today we introduce plastic coat hanger to prevent breakage methods:

First, the suspension process, the reason that the plastic hanger breaks out is because the load-bearing capacity exceeds the material limit. When people use it, do not place many clothes on the same hanger, which will cause the load-bearing capacity to exceed, and the occurrence of breakage is justified. In the use, we need to pay more attention.

Second, the classification of clothing to prevent the use of plastic hangers breaks is an important measure is the need to do a good job classification, due to changes in the weight of clothes, but not all clothes are undergoing changes, classification can be divided into heavy clothes, using materials More hangers to suspend to prevent fracture, but this situation has been gradually reduced, manufacturing technology has improved the strength and toughness of plastic materials, bearing capacity is more complete and reduce the use of fracture.