Practicality of plastic hangers

Update:26 Mar 2018

Today, hangers come in a plethora of types, each offeri […]

Today, hangers come in a plethora of types, each offering distinct features. The wood hanger possesses an organic appeal, while the metal hanger appears to be designed to last for decades. The plastic hanger, for its part, exudes a sophisticated look, one that adds a contemporary flavor to the wardrobe.

The modern selection of plastic hangers represents a marked departure from hangers of the past, which were significantly more vulnerable to wear and tear. The first hangers were invented in the early 1900s by Albert J. Parkhouse, and what we know now as the reliable home accessory was then nothing but a piece of twisted metal wire used for hanging coats.

The material for creating plastic hangers can be treated to come in a wide range of colors, as well as in semi-gloss, glossy or flat finish. And to help keep the clothing in place, makers also offer hangers with latex stay ons as well as ridged sides. For the shirts, in particular, broad shoulder types can keep shoulders free from wrinkles.

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