Steps of Plastic rack cleaning and maintenance?

Update:16 May 2018

Plastic hangers are items used to hang clothes in hotel […]

Plastic hangers are items used to hang clothes in hotel room items. They are usually used with coat racks. The maintenance of the plastic hangers in the rooms can increase the service life of the plastic hangers so that they can be better applied.

First, eliminate heavy clothes on plastic hangers. When the hangers are subjected to heavier clothing, deformations and breaks occur. The plastic hanger itself has a low bearing capacity, and can only bear the weight of a normal clothing. If it is too heavy, it will cause the hanger to be damaged and it cannot be used anymore. And if it is damaged when the clothes are hung, it will scratch the clothes and damage the clothes, so it is necessary to maintain the clothes rack.

Second, it is best to eliminate the contact between plastic pants hanger and moisture. Because the hanger itself will encounter water corrosion and softening, it will lead to residual pathogens. The above is the cleaning and maintenance of plastic hangers.

Third, it is best to eliminate the wear and tear on the skin of the hanger. The skin of the hanger is usually soft and has a certain amount of wear. After it is worn, it will reduce the gloss and appearance of the plastic hanger, and it will also cause rust. When it is worn or rusted, if it is used to dry clothes, it will cause the rust on the hanger to also touch the clothes and cause the clothes to break.