The quality of plastic hangers mainly depends on the use of raw materials

Update:26 Apr 2018

The main raw material of plastic hangers is plastic, so […]

The main raw material of plastic hangers is plastic, so it has many characteristics of plastic materials. However, due to the different types of materials, there are also differences in characteristics and quality. Therefore, people cannot negate plastic hangers when they purchase clothes hangers, and must choose according to actual materials.

1.pp plastic raw material, which is a raw material often used in plastic products, has a plastic hanger made of it has a higher melting point during use, and is also relatively strong, so it can make a larger weight. At the same time it also has a good anti-hygroscopic effect, that is, waterproof performance, and corrosion resistance and anti-dissolution properties are also very good.

2. ABS, which is a copolymer made of three substances, so the overall performance is relatively good, but also has good chemical stability, can withstand higher temperatures, and in the actual use of a strong process Impact resistance, so it can guarantee the use of plastic hangers for a longer period of time.

3.PS plastic, it belongs to a kind of polystyrene plastic, its anti-aging performance is very good, and the strength is relatively high, there is a certain degree of fatigue resistance, while the dimensional stability is also relatively good, not prone to hydrolysis or It is a cracking phenomenon. Therefore, a plastic hanger made of this material is also very good in quality.