The reason why the colors of plastic hangers are different

Update:13 Jul 2018

1. Raw materials: This is the most important issue. If […]

1. Raw materials: This is the most important issue. If the raw materials are not fixed, the production process is skilled, and the production technology is high. Raw materials are fundamental to the discoloration of plastic hangers, including material contamination, colorants and additives.
2. Injection molding machine equipment problem: Most of the plastic hangers are completed by the injection molding machine. If the equipment has problems, how to make the quality plastic hangers. Equipment problems mainly include cleaning problems, temperature control problems, and problems with the barrel. For example, the equipment is not clean, the heating system is faulty, and there are other foreign objects in the barrel.
3. Mold problem: Of course, this is rarely seen, but it also needs attention. For example, the poor exhaust system of the mold, too much lubricant, etc., may directly affect the color of the final plastic hanger.
4. Process problems: The production technology of each hanger factory is high and low. This depends on the technology and strength of its manufacturers. Whether it can be done well is very important, not as simple as the other three aspects. The main technical aspects are high screw speed, high barrel temperature, high injection pressure, too fast injection molding, etc., which may cause discoloration of plastic hangers.

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