The use of various racks

Update:27 Feb 2018

   Although the hangers can be used to hang clothes, im […]

   Although the hangers can be used to hang clothes, improper use can not only reduce the service life of the hangers, but also can have bad effects on the clothes hung on the clothes. For example, with a plastic hanger used to dry wet thick heavy coat, perhaps not yet dry, they have to rework, because the hanger load is too small clothes fell. For different materials made hangers, have their own environment and use.
   Plastic hanger: Due to low load-bearing capacity, the general hanging light, light clothing. Plastic hangers generally mainly used in the South family, as well as some low-end clothing store.
   Metal hangers: This is generally the hanger are plated, or aluminum color hangers, uses a wider use, load-bearing capacity, basically all environments can be used, the most common use of winter in the north. Wire hangers like the use of the environment should avoid long-term in a damp state, to avoid rust.
   Wooden hangers: Today, families rarely use wooden hangers. Generally speaking, they are mainly used in specialty stores or garment factories. Wooden hangers are designed to avoid long-term direct sunlight and humid environments as far as possible. Otherwise hangers may be cracked or moldy.
   Cloth hanger and flocking hanger: These two hangers can not be used directly for hanging wet sun clothes, generally into the window, wardrobe, the major garment manufacturers, mainly used indoors.