What are the advantages of dip hangers?

Update:05 Jul 2018

In the process of production, the dip-coating hanger ne […]

In the process of production, the dip-coating hanger needs to be painted. What is the coating advantage of it?

Since the dip-coating dip is not containing poisonous and heavy metal ions, it is antibacterial and environmentally friendly, and the raw materials can be recycled. Secondly, the dip-coated materials are abundant in source, cheap and non-toxic. The film has excellent electrical insulation properties and retains its properties even when immersed in a brine solution. In addition, its color configuration range is also very wide, you can configure a variety of colors, you can also configure hard, soft, fine-faced, rough surface, matt, luminous dip.

Moreover, the hangers are treated by dip coating, and can also have an effective anti-slip effect, and the iron wire inside is not easy to rust, even if it is rusted, it will not affect the use.

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