What are the different classifications of plastic hangers and what is the molding process

Update:24 May 2018

Nowadays in people’s daily life, the use of hangers has […]

Nowadays in people’s daily life, the use of hangers has become more and more indispensable. It can be said that it has become an essential item in people’s lives. Clothes hangers can now be standardized according to different standards so that they have different categories.

If they are divided according to materials, racks can be divided into wooden hangers, plastic hanger and metal hangers.

At the same time, plastic hangers can also be classified into hanging light clothes and heavy clothes according to the shape. The materials used in modern plastic hangers are mainly ABS plastics. The ABS resin is a polymer that is currently widely used. Its material has excellent properties such as balanced toughness and rigidity, and its appearance is ivory-colored pellets. After processing, it can be made into colorful products and has a good color degree.

At the same time, ABS plastics have good stability, machinability and wear resistance. Before the plastic hanger is used, it needs to go through a certain processing process. During the molding process, the plastic hanger needs to be subjected to various technological standards such as feeding, plasticizing, punching, maintaining pressure, backflow, cooling, and demolding. Thus, the hangers have excellent characteristics and can be used by people for a long time.