What kinds of hangers are produced by plastic hangers?

Update:13 Jun 2018

Plastic hanger manufacturers produce many types of hang […]

Plastic hanger manufacturers produce many types of hangers, such as the sorting of hangers (variety or type of hangers) can generally be divided according to raw materials and use. According to the material hanger can be divided into: metal hangers (aluminum hangers, iron hangers, alloy hangers, etc.), wooden hangers, plastic hangers, flocking hangers, wrapping cloth hangers and so on.

According to the use of occasions and uses racks can be divided into: men and women suit hangers, women's fashion hangers, men and women casual wear hangers, underwear hangers, T-shirts and shirt hangers, children's wear hangers, hotel hangers and other categories. Here we highlight the features of plastic hangers, wooden hangers, cloth hangers, steel hangers, and flocked hangers.